Research Interests

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Health Analytics

  • Privacy in Social Media

  • Technology Addiction


  • Davazdahemami, B., Zolbanin, HM., Delen, D., An Explanatory Machine Learning Framework for Studying Pandemics: The Case of COVID-19 Emergency Department Readmissions (2022). Decision Support Systems (forthcoming)

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  • Eryarsoy, E., Delen, D., Davazdahemami, B.., Topuz, K. A Novel Diffusion-Based Approach to Estimating Cases, Hospitalizations, and Fatalities in Epidemics: The Case of COVID-19 (2021). Journal of Business Research 124, 163-178

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Manuscripts Under Review

  • Davazdahemami, B., Peng, P., Delen, D. Predicting Early Bounce-backs to the Emergency Department: A Deep Learning Approach. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (under review)

  • Zolbanin, H., Davazdahemami, B., H. Zadeh, A. Miscommunication in the Age of Communication: A Crowdsourcing Framework for Symptom Surveillance at the Time of Pandemics. Decision Support Systems (Under Review)

  • Davazdahemami, B., Zolbanin, H.M., Delen, D. An Explanatory Machine Learning Framework for Studying Pandemics: The Case of COVID-19 Emergency Department Readmissions. Decision Support Systems (Under Review)

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Davazdahemami, B., Delen, D. A Deep Learning Approach for Extracting Relations between Mentions of Drugs and Events in the Social Media Text. Target: JAMIA.

  • Delen. D., Davazdahemami, B. An Introduction to Deep Learning (Book Chapter for the new edition of “Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science: A Managerial Perspective” book by Sharda, Delen, and Turban; Pearson; ISBN: 0134633288).

  • Davazdahemami, B., Zolbanin, H., Delen, D. An Optimized Machine Learning Approach to Predict Early Readmission of COVID-19 Patients.